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I spent over twenty-five years playing the piano professionally and composing – mainly in the worlds of ballet, contemporary dance and the theatre. Working with a wide range of artistes including such diverse talents as Melvyn Hayes in pantomime and Sir Anthony Dowell in ballet masterclasses gave me a wide experience of practical music making in many different situations.

I have always thought that passing on knowledge helps you to question and refine it; to take nothing for granted, and keeps you fresh as an artist. So I always made time for a few pupils from beginners, both young and adult, through Grade 8 and beyond.

I am now enjoying teaching in schools as part of the Bedford Music Cooperative, and teach private pupils from home.

With a well-equipped music library, a excellent Yamaha U3 piano I want to ensure that you enjoy lessons as much as I enjoy teaching them. I have few vacancies at any one time, but I will consider¬† as a pupil anybody who wants to learn as long as you are enthusiastic and prepared to actually play (I don’t like calling it practice) Feel free to contact me to discuss what I might be able to do for you.

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